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A new beginning

Peepiecheep was started in 2010 as a creative outlet for me to make things I found interesting and fun, in a variety of mediums. It soon became apparent that while I was making things for myself, other people were also very keen to own some of my pieces, and via my website and craft fairs, I made and sold bespoke pieces. Most of these were totally unique and one-of-a-kind, some were copies as people fell in love with certain designs. For the most part, this worked very well, I was happy making my pieces, and even more happy that people were willing to pay me for them. However, things change, and I put Peepiecheep on a temporary hiatus, at least where the shop was concerned.

I was still very interested in making and creating, and my passion for doing so did not wane.  I realised that I had always felt like I was missing something somewhere, experiencing some sort of loss, perhaps, for the pieces that I had designed and sent off to new homes. It was not the longing for the actual item, but more the wish that I had documented the creative process more deliberately and in more depth. For me, it was less about the finished product, and more about how I had got there in the first place.

Now I have decided to resurrect Peepiecheep, but with a key difference. I will still sell certain pieces via my store, but more prominently I will take my followers on a journey, where they can see how each piece came to be, and what I am working on right now.

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