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Sonically wonderful 

One of the most successful ranges I ever made with Peepiecheep was my Doctor Who inspired pieces. As well as bracelets and badges, I made tiny sonic screwdrivers which could be worn as earrings or pendants. As public interest in popular culture pieces often ebbs and wanes depending on whether the show is currently being screened on TV, I frequently found myself either completely inundated with requests, or ending up with too much surplus stock to sell. Then the universe put me in touch with a wonderful lady who also made geeky-inspired pieces – Suzi’s Doctor Who Crafts. She commissioned me to make lots of tiny sonics which she could then add to her wonderful hand-made Doctor plushies. 

It is with great pleasure that I have found myself spending time this morning making a batch of sonics to be added to her pieces. It always cheers me to see how some seemingly random bead selection can come together and make something recognisable and different. While I feel that Peepiecheep may move in a different direction in the future, I will always be grateful for those who supported my geeky ventures. 

Making the sonic screwdrivers from mixed Tibetan silver and glass beads

Mixed sonic screwdriver designs

Tenth Doctor sonic screwdrivers

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